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Wheels 102

Wheels 102featured

The first number on a wheel is the diameter, which reads in millimeters, like 70mm. The next number is the hardness. The higher the number, the harder the wheel is, and the opposite for smaller numbers. the letter “a” is the scale in durometer. 78a is generally known as the best all around hardness. 75a Read more

Wheels 101

Wheels 101featured

It takes many components to build a longboard, but one of the most important is the wheel. While the smooth ride they supply is one of the trademarks of the longboard, the first wheels weren’t nearly as forgiving.  Wheels for skateboards, longboards, and roller skates originally started out as steel, and evolved into a mixture Read more

Squeaky Trucks

Squeaky Trucksfeatured

The squeaky truck is the nemesis of all longboarders. We get tons of people asking us what they can do to fix this problem. Thankfully, its a simple fix and we have your answers here. The whole problem comes from one little part- the pivot cup. The hanger sits inside a plastic cup, and after Read more

Longboarding 101- Helmet Sizing

Longboarding 101- Helmet Sizingfeatured

Here at The Longboard Store, we get tons of feedback on our products. And while we can use your weight, skill level, and other stats to help find you the perfect longboard, sometimes finding the right helmet is a little trickier. Each brand has a different measurement system which can cause problems for the buyer. Read more


Bearing Spacers and Speed Washersfeatured

We use them on every complete longboard we build, but do you know why? Let’s start with speed washers. The castings where the steel axle and aluminum hanger meet may have flashing, so to help align and reduce friction, we use speed washers. These are typically provided by the truck manufacturer. We also offer some Read more