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Over at The Longboard Store, you can find many of the guys in the shop hanging out in our Live Chat system ready to answer any question you might have about longboards, trucks, wheels, or general questions about the meaning of life.

Though most people don’t ask us about the meaning of life, we do get lots of beginning longboarders asking what is the best entry-level setup to buy.  So I have asked everyone around the shop what they think is the most ideal beginner longboard.  And here are the results!

TLS 40″ Basic

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One of our first recommendations we usually give for a beginning longboard setup is our own TLS 40″ Basic Complete.  The deck is constructed of laminated Baltic Birch, and has generous cut-outs to avoid wheel bite.  Wheel bite (for the true newbies out there) is the unpleasant experience of your longboard wheel hitting/sticking to the longboard deck while riding… which can result in some awesome crashes.

So the cut-outs at the front and tail of this longboard deck will help keep the wheel bite blues away.  The rest of the complete longboard build uses upgraded components like our System Longboard Hardware and  System Mudflap Risers.  The complete can be purchased with three different wheel colors, or you can upgrade to any one of our longboard wheels from our brands like Sector 9,  Tunnel or Orangatang.

To view all the components of the TLS 40″ Basic, click here.

Sector 9 Bamboo Lennox


For riders looking for a bit more steez in the deck graphics, perhaps surf/ocean influenced? Sector 9 would be a great place to look, and for beginners we think the Bamboo Lennox Complete is a great setup.

The Lennox measures in at 39.5″ which makes for a great all-around cruising longboard.  The complete comes with 70mm 75a Bamboo Ghost from Sector 9 Wheels, and like the TLS complete is rounded out with system hardware and mudflap riser to ensure a super smooth ride.

The Longboard Store is the only online store to custom-build all Sector 9 longboards to order. So if you want to change out a component for another one in our shop, you have the freedom to make the Lennox a one-of-a-kind.

Longboard Components

One final resource for all beginner longboards is our video explaining the parts that makeup a longboard. View it below to get an idea of all that goes into the ride.


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